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Who really makes the parts you're buying?

Who really makes the parts you're buying?

Posted by Erik Shafer on Oct 21st 2018

The ATV world is a pretty small place.  There are a handfull of manufacturers - some small, some pretty large, some in between.  Yet there is a group of those who claim to be a manufacturer of a product who really don't make anything at all...  This is where that line gets blurred.   Below are a few points that everyone needs to consider when they decide where to spend their hard earned money.  It should help clear up the differences between an actual manufacturer, and one who just claims to be.

Manufacturers - the people who actually make products - take on a long list of things that non-manufacturers don't.  Below are just a few:

Equipment costs - CNC machines, benders, fabrication equipment, and a facility to do it in.  You can hit the low million dollar area very quickly here.

Employees - Skilled workers who can operate those machines.  Along with those employees comes overhead, payroll expenses, health insurance, benefits.  

Engineering - Someone has to design it

Software - Cad/CAM, CNC software, Simulation (FEA), and even an ERP system (try to run a manufacturing facility on Quickbooks - it's not possible to do it for real).  Engineering Software / CAD CAM software can run well into the 5 figures, ERP systems easily into the 6-figures.

E-commerce - without it, good luck.  It takes an actual investment in dollars and time to do it right.  It's easy to see who is serious about it, and who just can't hack it.  We've invested time and dollars into our site, and will continue to make improvements daily.

Most importantly - business experience and dedication.  Try to run a manufacturing facility with any of the above without the dedication it takes to do it, and without the experience it take to do it right.  You either live it, or you just talk about it.  It's easy to see who does what.

BraapTec has all of the above.  While we're small and still growing, we feel we're going to make a difference in the ATV/UTV scene utilizing the skills and equipment we have.